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This culminating virtual summit entitled, Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence will convened on October 25, 2022. This summit addressed the progress of the 10-month program and included a keynote panel discussion on "Addressing COVID-19 Related Health Disparities and Advance Health Equity by Mobilizing Community Outreach Workers to Educate and Assist Individuals in Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination". The summit ended with concurrent breakout sessions that include speakers that addressed the lived experience, strategic marketing, engagement, recruitment, training, and deployment strategies, community engagement, and using data for decision making amongst community/health outreach workers, small minority and women-owned businesses, and student/college health ambassadors.

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Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

˜ A Virtual Summit ˜

Opening & Panel Discussion 
  • This session focuses on the rapid recruitment, training, and deployment of outreach workers to promote vaccine convidence for COVID-19 vaccinations and other emergencies.
Breakout Session A 
  • This session focuses on how community health workers can use communication and motivational interviewing skills to build confidence and resilience in urban and rural communities when advancing health equity (access, care coordination, and utilization of healthcare services).
Breakout Session B 
  • This session introduces the audience to the role small and minority-owned businesses can play in building vaccine confidence in local communities and communities of color. This session shares HealthWorks’ experience in recruiting, training, and deploying Small Business Health Ambassadors and highlights the considerations organizations must make when engaging businesses to assist in a public health initiative.
Breakout Session C 
  • This session highlights the involvement of college health ambassadors to mitigate COVID-19 and promote vaccine confidence on college campuses.
Closing Discussion 
  • This session provides a summary of the discussions held during the concurrent sessions. Participants are also asked to complete an evaluation of the Summit at the end of this session.

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